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Hypnosis (hyp-no-sis): An induced state characterized by heightened susceptibility to suggestion, used for manifesting desired psychological, physical, and spiritual change.
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by Julie Griffin

A good sex fantasy or daydream is more than just an exciting way to pass the time. Having even a five-minute sexy daydream during a work break or on a lazy afternoon, will actually help you to unlock and empower your sexuality. This is true at any age.

Sexually-oriented fantasies and daydreams are also good for your health because they cause your body to release endorphins and other beneficial chemicals and hormones. Endorphins are natural opiate-like hormones that your body secretes to help you to relax, to enable your body to readily heal itself, and to help you to overcome anxiety and physical pain.

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by Julie Griffin

Are you ready to lose weight and to have a strong, attractive body? Hypnosis can help you to positively redirect your thinking and behavior, enabling you to access your inner-strength and to become happy, healthy, and physically fit.

Not only can hypnosis help you to lose weight and to relax, it can also help you to develop a true desire for exercise, and to create the type of body that you deserve.

Achieving physical fitness serves to help ensure your good health and happiness. There are many things that you can choose to do that will directly impact your health, happiness, and physical fitness. If you want to make the process easy and pleasant, our hypnosis programs for weight loss will help you to jump-start your efforts to achieve your dream body and desired weight.

Anyone can actively take action to create a fit, happy, healthy body. No matter what age you are, no matter what condition you are currently in, and no matter what your budget—you can take action that will help you to be healthier, to free yourself from excess weight, and to have a great body.

The great thing about hypnosis is that it helps you to enjoy the entire process of becoming fit. Think of how wonderful it will be to enjoy exercise. Consider how much easier it will be to free yourself from any excess weight once you truly are able to enjoy nutritious, healthy food.

Those who are spectacularly fit, live and eat in ways that foster their fitness. While it is true that genetics play a part in health, metabolism, and weight, it is also true that anyone can take steps to improve their condition. In fact, it has been shown that hypnosis can even help you to improve your metabolism!

Weight loss, health, and fitness are choices that require dedication and your own caring. The kindness you pay to your own body, will show itself. You will reap benefits quickly as you enact healthy plans to prompt change. Our hypnosis programs keep you focused on your goals and help you to reframe your associations to food, water, and exercise.

In as little as two-to-three weeks of listening to our programs and engaging in productive actions, you will feel your energy rise and you will notice positive changes in your body. As time progresses and you continue to treat yourself with loving kindness, you will see more and more improvements.

The things that you do to achieve healthy weight loss and to create physical fitness will help you to feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Healthy eating, exercise, and drinking water is a winning combination that will pay off in more ways than are visible.

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by Julie Griffin

Benjamin Franklin once said:

“If you think you can, you are right. If you think you can’t, you are right.”

We have heard many times that we are what we eat, but we also are what we think. By keeping your attitudes positively directed, it becomes easier to succeed. This success can be in self-healing, in professional development, in spiritual pursuits, in love, and in all other areas of your life.

You may be well-served by examining your thoughts to see if you have been giving yourself negative messages. Consider how many of current thoughts are holding you back or limiting your ability to create positive change or to achieve a goal. As you come to face any of your own limiting or negative thoughts, you automatically de-hypnotize yourself from such thoughts. Once you have de-hypnotized yourself, redirecting your thoughts positively is a much easier task.

This same process of redirecting your thoughts can be helpful in many areas of your life. You really can decide to have an improved mindset in every avenue you take in life. As you do so, your life becomes more rewarding, joyful, and fun. For example, if you dislike housework, you might find it more enjoyable if you play your favorite music loud while doing it and open up the curtains and let the light into your home.

If you have to be in a situation with a person who is unpleasant, you can decide in advance that the more unpleasant they behave, the happier and more loving you will become.

If you have to take a long drive, you can decide to see the beauty around you, because whenever you look for beauty you can find some. You can remember happy times as you drive and the time will become healing, pleasant, and joyful.

There are all kinds of ways to improve your state of mind and your enjoyment of life. Your attitude is based on choice and you can choose to find more pleasure in your life by having an attitude that truly serves the situation you are in.

Today you can open all the window shades and let the light pour in. If someone tries to block your light, smile at them and say something nice realizing that your light will become their light and it will help you both to glow.

Happiness is contagious. Today you can choose to be very happy. There is always something to be happy about. You can focus on the positive and as you do energy that is shining and glowing will radiate from you like the brightest beacon. Today you can turn all your own lights on and let a shower of gratitude sweep through and around you. It is always a choice. You can chose well, be well, and live well.

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by Julie Griffin

powerful hypnosis audio from hypnosistodayDid you know that the best way to become the person you’ve always wanted to be is to simply relax? By harnessing the power of hypnosis for positive life change you unlock a relaxing, affordable, and effective means to enhance and improve your life. With the right hypnosis mp3 or hypnosis audio you can literally relax your way to the new you.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of altered consciousness in which access to your subconscious mind is enhanced. The hypnotic state automatically occurs anytime you become deeply relaxed or highly focused. While hypnotized, your ability to accept suggestions for psychological, physical, and spiritual change is heightened.

You enter into hypnosis every day without realizing it—such as when you get lost in the story of a good book or your favorite television show—and the truth of hypnosis is often vastly different from its common depictions. Hypnosis is not sleep and it is not unconsciousness. Hypnosis does not cause you to become weak-minded or to act foolish. Even while hypnotized, you can choose to remain in control of your choices, responses, and reactions. You can freely disregard any of the hypnotic suggestions and choose to remain in control of your thoughts and actions.

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis allow you to use the hypnotic state for healing, empowerment, or any other purposes you choose. By listening to a hypnosis audio, or by giving yourself suggestions to facilitate helpful changes in your life, changes that YOU desire, hypnosis can be used to create positive change in virtually any situation.

So what’s the best way to use hypnosis to positively change my life?

There are many factors that can favorably affect the success of a hypnosis session. The best results are most likely to be achieved through hypnosis when you understand how and why hypnosis works; with a hypnosis audio from a hypnotist who you trust and who inspires confidence; and when you truly want to achieve the stated goals of the session.

The most important factor in your success with hypnosis is your true desire to change. Hypnosis suggestions only work if you really want the suggested outcome. Hypnosis is very effective when you truly want to change, but for hypnotherapy to be successful, the idea to change must be yours.

Through the use of your memory and imagination, hypnosis suggestions work wonders to help you to overcome bad habits, to improve your self-esteem, to overcome depression, defeat disease and physical pain, to foster your creativity, to fortify your libido, and to place yourself on track to personal and professional success.

Hypnosis audio? Self-Hypnosis? What’s the best form of hypnosis for me?

There are several ways you can use hypnosis in your life:

  • Learn self-hypnosis techniques.
  • Purchase and listen to a hypnosis audio program.
  • Visit a professional hypnotist

With any type of hypnosis—be it for healing, behavior modification, personal empowerment, or anything else—using reinforcement provides the most effective, lasting results. Reinforcement gives your subconscious mind time to fully accept and implement the suggestions for change you received during hypnosis.

If you purchase a hypnosis audio, reinforcement is easy: just use the hypnosis audio many times for lasting results. If you practice self-hypnosis, practice it regularly—even after your success is achieved. If you work with a professional hypnotherapist, choose one who provides you with hypnosis audio of the session that you can use for reinforcement.

download hypnosis audio from hypnosistodayPeople who get the most out of hypnosis often use a combination of and practicing self-hypnosis and professionally-prepared hypnosis audio. Whether you choose to practice self-hypnosis, to use a professionally-prepared hypnosis audio, or to see a professional hypnotist for a private session using personalized hypnosis scripts, expect great results.

Hypnosis audio are readily available to help you to improve your life in almost any way you can imagine: Lose weight, reduce stress, improve your golf game or your sex life, make more money, become happier, healthier, or achieve positive changes in almost any area of your life that you desire. Whatever changes you wish to make in your life, by using the power of your own mind, hypnosis can help you tap the power inherent within your subconscious to change and fortify your health, happiness, and success.

You can literally relax your way to the new you.

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by Hayley

The completely revised and updated electronic edition of Recipes for Weight Loss is now available. If you have dreamed of increasing your income by offering a weekly hypnosis weight loss clinic or a hypnosis audio business, then Recipes for Weight Loss is the book for you.

Recipes for Weight Loss contains ten totally different, thought-provoking, insightful, and highly therapeutic weight loss scripts that licensees may use for hypnosis weight loss clinics or may record in their own voice and market them to the public! Licensees may also dissect the scripts, which contain 10 different inductions, progressive relaxations, and therapy styles, and adapt them as they see fit to any other programs they offer.  Best of all, the license is included with purchase of this book!

Recipes for Weight Loss includes an extensive 12-page section of author, Julie Griffin’s, tips and strategies for success. Julie has conducted over 600 group hypnosis programs in 17 states and shares her best inside information. These tips & strategies were designed to help you to expand your business and your income. Your own business is limited only by your drive, your desire to succeed, and your imagination!

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