Medical Hypnosis: Empowering Your Mind to Heal Your Body

If you have been suffering from a medical condition and received no relief from traditional medicine, you may respond favorably to pleasant, natural medical hypnosis programs. Many conditions that do not respond well to modern medicine or pharmaceuticals can be pleasantly, effectively, and affordably treated with medical hypnosis.

Hypnosis works through the power of your subconscious mind. Since your subconscious mind controls the physical functions of your body, once you enter into the relaxed state of hypnosis, suggestions for your healing will readily go to work to redirect the functions of your body to combat illness so that you can heal and reclaim your good health.

Because of the strong connection between your mind and body, each time a positive suggestion or image is presented to your subconscious while you are hypnotized, your body automatically goes to work to generate helpful changes in your physiology. Repetitious use of hypnosis CDs or MP3s helps your mind and body to adopt ideal responses–free of negative side effects, from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Some people choose to seek out a highly qualified medical hypnotist for private hypnotherapy sessions. In a private session, a hypnotist is able to address a wide variety of factors that may contribute to illness that are specific to the individual client. For those who can afford a private hypnotherapy session, they will benefit most by finding a medical hypnotist who will provide you with a reinforcement CD or MP3 so that they continue to reinforce the positive hypnosis suggestions long after your session(s) concludes. Not all hypnotists automatically provide reinforcement audios. In my opinion, the results you will get when you are able to use a reinforcement audio, will far exceed results without a reinforcement audio.

Many people enjoy the very affordable option of purchasing hypnosis CDs/MP3s that have been produced to treat specific diseases, pain issues, or conditions. Programs are also available for topics like depression, pre- and post-surgical hypnosis, and fertility enhancement (to name just a few). These condition-specific audios are highly effective and affordable provided that they are produced by a hypnotherapist who is an expert in medical hypnotherapy. It is wise to read the bio of any hypnotist before deciding to purchase a program. If you are still unclear as to the credentials of the person selling the products you seek, don’t hesitate to send an email, or to pick up the telephone to ask specific questions that will help you to know that you are making a good choice.

Over the last decade, scores of clinical trials and diagnostic tools like electroencephalographs (EEGs) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET Scans) have proven that the state of hypnosis exists, and also that the human brain responds to hypnosis suggestions in the same way that it responds to real events. Now that there are so many ways to prove that hypnosis works, more and more hospitals are recommending its use to patients–and some offer hypnotherapy services alongside traditional medical treatments and services. Insurance companies are now, in some cases, reimbursing clients for hypnotherapy-related products and services. You can call your insurance provider to see if they are among the insurance companies that are reinbursing for hypnotherapy and products.

Even if your insurance company does not reimburse for hypnotherapy-related services, when you consider how affordable hypnosis CDs and MP3s are, you will likely see that for less than what you would pay in gas and parking fees to visit your physician, you can purchase an MP3 or CD that is designed to help you to combat and overcome specific medical conditions. Once you own a hypnosis audio, you can use it forever. Dollar for dollar it is one of the best values around for helping you to take control of your health and healing.

Even without a hypnotist, and without purchasing a CD or MP3, you can easily practice self-hypnosis. Just be seated, close your eyes, and take one-to-five long, slow, deep breaths to place yourself in the hypnotic state. Once you have entered into a light or medium level of hypnosis, you can imagine that your body is safely and peacefully overcoming any problematic condition or disease. You can also imagine that all parts of your body are healing and optimally functioning. You can imagine yourself completely healed, happy, successful, energized, and prosperous before you exit hypnosis.

To exit hypnosis (which simply means to conclude your self-hypnosis session) you can take one-to-five energizing breaths with the intention that those breaths will revitalize and energize you so that you become alert and clear. Finally, just open your eyes knowing that the combination of the energizing breaths, and the act of opening your eyes, will bring you out of hypnosis so that you can resume your other activities.

Whether you are seeing a hypnotist, hypnotizing yourself, or using an MP3 or CD, remember that you can also use hypnosis to relax and empower yourself as well as to prevent illness. The more you use hypnosis, the more you will reap its power, the more you will gain control of your health, and the better you will become at self-hypnosis.

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