Hypnosis & Affirmations for Growing Rich

Have you ever noticed that the older you get, the faster time seems to evaporate? I expect that feels true to everyone. Since time is such a valuable commodity, I am glad that I when I create a hypnosis audio program that it can continue to help others for decades. It is a win-win situation when my clients can purchase high quality, effective hypnosis programs for a fraction of what a private hypnosis session would cost—and it’s a win-win situation that the net allows me to prosper through sales of my products around the globe.

Whenever you are focusing on growing rich, it is wise to consider what products or services you can provide to humanity that will create win-win environments for you and your customers. Whenever you can come up with a product or service that is either totally unique–or that far exceeds the quality or effectiveness of anything offered by your competitors, you will be positioning yourself for success and prosperity.

Even when time is in short supply, the time you spend brainstorming will help you to create better plans. When you fortify the time you spend brainstorming by entering into self-hypnosis, you will be able to access your creativity and enter a zone that allows you to conceptualize products that will truly stand out in your field–products that produce that “extra something” that makes customers track you down and purchase every item that you offer.

It may not be true for every entrepreneur,  but I genuinely love my own work and I use my own programs to help me to succeed. I have found that the more I love a product that I have created, the easier it is for me to generate enthusiasm toward it, and the more it sells. Whenever you create a new product, you will benefit by asking yourself this question: “Do I like this product enough to buy it myself?”

One of the hypnosis audios that I have created in recent years, is an exciting and poetic hypnosis program for prosperity called: Growing Rich. As a gift from me to you, I am sharing some of my favorite hypnosis suggestions and affirmations from my Growing Rich program. If you want to receive great benefits from these affirmations, you can recite them to yourself daily for about 21 to 30 days. Many believe that affirmations work best either right before you go to sleep at night, or when you first awaken in the morning. I believe that affirmations and self-hypnosis work great at anytime of day. You can experiment to determine which time(s) of day seem to provide you with the most benefit.

No matter what kind of work you do, or what you want to accomplish in life, hypnosis programs and affirmations help you to set the stage for your own success. You can read these affirmations to yourself daily for a few weeks–or you can record them in your own voice on your computer, IPOD, or any other handy recording device.


I take action mentally and physically to achieve wealth.

I set the stage for success and prosperity through my thoughts and actions.

I let go of limiting beliefs in favor of helpful intentions.

I release any negative self-talk and embrace an ideally positive mindset.

I am worthy of success; prosperity is one of my birthrights.

By playing the role of a healthy, happy, successful, wealthy person, I become one.

My performance continually improves as I set the stage for success.

I carry myself, dress, and speak in such a way that embodies confidence and trustworthiness.

My inner mind can show me a green light when it is time for me to take action.

My inner mind can show me a red light when it is time to hit the brakes on any plan that is potentially detrimental or too risky.

My inner mind can show me a yellow light when it is time to decide if I should push ahead quickly, or pause and reflect on a course of action.

I helpfully know when to take action, when to pause, and when to stop and move in a different direction.

My brain ideally theorizes and strategizes the pros and cons of deals, circumstances, and events.

My internal sensors and brilliant mind enable me to prosper, to become rich, and to achieve lasting wealth.

I leverage any situation to my own advantage.

I find ways for all parties to my transactions to be pleased with the results.

I create win-win situations for everyone.

In dealing with me: everyone wins; everyone prospers; and everyone gets what they need.

Money is generated as a result of my skillful planning, my well-timed actions, and my strategic interactions.

People like and trust me because I am likable and trustworthy.

I am good to my word.

 I stand tall. I smile broadly. My eyes shine. Light emanates from me.

I am magnetic, charismatic, and charming. 

I am vivacious and clever.

I am warm, caring, and kind.

I leave every room and situation better off from my presence.

I bring forth ideas, concepts, notions, and products of great worth.

My work is a labor of love.

There is wind in the sails of my soul as I journey toward success and limitless prosperity.

2 thoughts on “Hypnosis & Affirmations for Growing Rich

  1. Paul Clinton

    A great blog, and interesting subject. Attracting wealth and prosperity can be done in many ways. eg, better interview success for finding employment, better sales, more self esteem, confidence, and then there is the aspect of attracting wealth by creating a positive karma. An mp3 can replace messages with fresh hypnotic affirmations. Generally hypnosis is harmless. It is a complex and sensitive procedure and must be studied and carefully planned by top professionals who use induction techniques or with self hypnosis recordings with a progressive hypnotic suggestion script. Depth of the hypnotic state varies for each individual, about 10% of the population can reach a very deep somnambulist state of hypnosis, where they feel no pain.

  2. Larry

    This is very interesting, Well all hope that we could get all those aspirations of being financially stable as we get older. But I think this self hypnosis will really drive you somewhere of being productive in any other way. Hope I could try this one out.

    Larry from armoire enfant 

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