The Light of Joy Within

The Light of Joy Within: Hypnosis for Emotional & Physical Healing, is a soothing and comforting journey to inner peace. No matter what condition you are in, and no matter what issues you have endured, The Light of Joy Within leads you through the doorway into hypnosis and helps you to release sadness, resentment, and ill health.

Let memories of the past be helpfully put into perspective, learned from, and safely held inside your mind. Like a gentle kiss and warm embrace from a caring friend, The Light of Joy Within prompts relaxation, a peaceful mindset, and tranquility.

  • Reduces and Releases Emotional & Physical Pain
  • Prompts Joyful Feelings from Within
  • Heals Your Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Promotes Ideal Energy Flow
  • Balances Your Chemical & Hormonal Levels
  • Provides Delightful Color and Sound Therapy
  • Turns On Your Own Healing Energy

The Light of Joy Within combines hypnosis with the ideal release of endorphins, creating bliss and elation as the foundation for your healing. Your body’s secretion of endorphins relaxes you, while enabling you to ideally receive helpful, healing energy from your immune system and from nature. Relaxation and ideal endorphin flow, create ripples of glee inside you that help you to blissfully erase physical discomfort.

Its uplifting piano tones blend with the sounds of the sea and soothing color therapy. The Light of Joy Within’s many helpful facets go to work to positively light you up and to optimize your innate ability to heal. Let this stunning program prompt you to relax, to feel energized, and to achieve wellness.

Listen to a clip of The Light of Joy Within