12 Steps to Help You to Relax, Heal & Commune With Nature

Scores of books and articles have been written on the benefits of physical relaxation. There are many things that you can do to prompt your body to relax, including spending time outside in nature.

As you visit or imagine a natural scene, physical relaxation immediately results. The longer time spent in nature, or in imagining yourself in nature, the more stress you release from your mind and body, and the more deeply relaxed you become. As your mind and body relax, it is easier for your heart to function. Relaxation also improves the function of all your organs and your entire digestive track. Relaxation helps your immune system, respiratory system, central and sympathetic nervous systems, and all other systems of your body to come into balance and to ideally function.

If you are the type of person who participates in an ongoing love affair with nature, you have already discovered that you feel great when you are immersed in the beauty of the “Great Outdoors.” If you don’t regularly commune with nature, this article is designed to encourage you to take advantage of nature’s ability to relax, heal, and empower you.

If you enjoy self-hypnosis and guided meditation, the following steps will help you get the most out of any time that you spend in nature. You can add your own thoughts and imagery to these steps, to make the process more personally meaningful.

12 Steps to Help You to Relax, Heal & Commune With Nature

1. Stop for a couple of minutes (or longer) each day to get in touch with the beauty of nature.
2. Allow the beauty of nature to flow through your body and mind like it is an energy in the air that you breathe.
3. Notice how quickly and effectively you can relax each part of your body.
4. Let your breathing work together with nature’s light, colors, and sounds to heal, empower, and enlighten your being.
5. Allow your mind to become harmonious, and let feelings of peace sweep through you.
6. Imagine that you can see, feel, and hear nature’s healing elements moving pleasurably through your mind and body.
7. Let the pleasing and relaxing elements of nature elevate your mindset–helping you to achieve clarity of thought, and to move you closer to enlightenment.
8. Spend a few moments “locked” inside the ecstasy of being fully aligned with, and attuned to, nature.
9. Let your “higher mind” reveal your helpful truths, as you continue to drink in nature’s healing energies.
10. Allow rapturous feelings, if desired, to ebb and flow inside you, so as to enhance your vitality and magnetism.
11. If you so choose, spend some sacred time communing with your higher self and higher power.
12. Let feelings of gratefulness and appreciation sweep through you as you prepare to conclude your session.

Once your session is over, purposefully take some clearing breaths so that you fully return from the self-hypnotic/meditative state. Generally, two or three deep, revitalizing breaths, combined with the action of opening your eyes, will signal your mind to return you to full conscious awareness.

Communing with nature, not only releases stress from your mind and body, it also enhances your creativity, spirituality, and vitality. On days where it is impossible for you to go outside, remember that your body and mind achieve almost as much benefit from imagining nature as from actually being out in nature. The above steps work great even when you are using your imagination.

Let nature be your well-visited friend.

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