Self-Hypnosis for Accessing Wisdom on Love & Living

In times of quiet contemplation, during times of deep suffering, and also simply when I ask inside myself during periods of self-hypnosis for deeper wisdom, I receive messages that are deeply soothing and that help me to obtain a higher level of consciousness. You too, can easily take some quite time to relax your body and mind, and to breathe yourself into a state of restful calm. Once you are in a relaxed state, you can imagine that you are mentally accessing series of doorways that lead you to answers, insight, and wisdom that will benefit you.

I frequently enter into self-hypnosis for many purposes, as well as just to relax deeply and to connect to my own inner wisdom. So can you. It is easy, and you can do it without a rule book. In the meantime, as a Christmas gift from me to you, I share some of the Enlightened Thoughts that have arisen from my inner wisdom during such delightful self-imposed trances.

The more light you emit, the more darkness you erase. 

The more love you emit, the more love exists in the Universe.

You can blossom endlessly.

 You can glow vibrantly in any situaiton, in any place, and in any eventuality.

 You can let the sacredness inherent in your soul surface helpfully to paint rainbows upon the darkest of skys.

 You can let Winter’s cutting harsh winds, lead you to the softness of cozy blankets; to push you into the warm arms of those you love; and to place inside your hands and heart a warm mug of mulled cider, fragrant tea, or the memory of the feeling of Summer’s kiss upon your skin.

The coldest of days can be warmed by the eternal glow of your heart–just turn up the glow.

Winter is the cousin of Spring, Summer, and Fall. Winter provides her cousins time to sleep so they may greet you again in their own engaging, delightful unfoldings.

Winter provides you time to go internal and to seek out the glory of your own innerworld: to wander inside your own field of flowers that awaits your tending; to mine all the gold, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds that are embedded in your creative mind, heart, and spirit.

Nothing is missing, only misplaced.

 No one is lost, just transformed.

 All you seek surrounds and embodies you.

All is possible inside your enlightened mind.

 All is peaceful inside your harmonious mind.

All that you are seeking can be found within yourself.

The only things we keep are the things we give away.

 What we leave behind is more important than what we take with us.

You can be a rock that is strong; you can be a rock that holds up in all environments; you can be a rock with soft edges whose sacred, holy elements glisten and glow in the light of the sun, the moon, and the many stars.

You cannot lose anything because you only own yourself.

When you allow yourself time to think clearly, and the discipline to act in your own best interest, better outcomes are achieved.

What seems to be the easiest choice, often provides an inferior or detrimental outcome.

By acting in line with your own highest good, the highest good of all those around you is automatically served.

Perdamalan, ειρήνηIr en paz, Assalamu Alaikum, Salam, Paix, мирNoel, Shalom, Frieden, Pace, Vrede, 평화, all mean PEACE.

May peace reign in all cultures, in all people, in all places, and in all times.

Peace begins inside your heart.

All the roads eventually lead you home, but the roads you choose to take will determine how you feel when you get there.

The road back to your heart, and your enlightened and harmonious minds, is a short journey, but you must want to take the trip.

When love and light lead your way, you always wind up in the right place.

Let all your travels be safe. Embrace your journeys.  Leave your inner headlights on high-beam.

Look for the beauty in all situations.

In a recent conversation with a new friend, love was the subject. He asked me: “Julie, what do you think is the opposite of love?” I shrugged my shoulders, awaiting his thoughts, to which he replied, “It would be so easy to automatically respond that hate is the opposite of love, but I don’t believe that is true.” Curious, I leaned in to him, and in a small voice I asked, “What is it then, Bill?”

After a moment of breathy silence, he revealed his deeper wisdom, and I listened with both my eyes and ears open to his answer: “The opposite of love is nothing.”

Realization loomed at once–both heavily and lightly–that this man who had just a day before been a stranger, had gifted me with a new way to look upon love. I vowed to myself that I would spread more love in the new year–and I would not miss an opportunity to share love and to engage in loving actions. And since the world can be a cold and scary place, I gifted myself with the courage to live freely in the spirit of loving kindness.

For how sweet is it when we can all:

Love the way a flower loves the sun. Love the way the waves love the shore. Love like the rainbow trout who breaks from the water to behold the sun and who dives happily back into its own home. Love with the doors wide open to your heart and let love be the sound of its beating.

Let your love be visible in your work, in your play, and in all exchanges with all beings.

Remember that you can let the spirit of Christmas and the promise of the New Year live inside you as you move through 2010 and beyond!

Wishing you love, Julie

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